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Sandwich Recipe (सैंडविच कैसे बनाते हैं)

To make potato sandwich or potato sandwich, add boiled potatoes to the bowl.

Add chopped onion, chopped green chilli, garam masala, salt, dry mango powder and cheese and mix.

Now add ground black pepper and mix.

Now take a bread slice and apply ghee on it, then add potato filling with the help of a spoon, spread it and coat it with the other bread.

In this way, we will also prepare more bread slices.

Now apply ghee or butter on these slices and put them in the sandwich maker. If you do not have a sandwich maker, you can also make them on a non-stick tawa or a simple tawa.

When the light of the sandwich maker goes off, we will take out the sandwich.

In this way our potato sandwich is ready.

You can serve it with sauce and chutney.

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